"Where do Worlds come from?"

"They come from space.
All beings arise from space,
and into space they return:

Space is indeed their beginning,
and space is their final end."

"What is the Music of the Spheres?"

"We have taken support from the melodious Sound,
knowing the universe is a trinity made of
vibration, form and movement-action.

The source of all conceptuals is:
sound frequencies.

For it is by sound vibrating,
that all conceptuals are sung into being,
becoming manifested.

Sound is behind all conceptuals,
even as infinite spirit is behind all sound.

Thus the three are only one: soul, spirit, life.
And although being only one, are counted as three.

The immortal is veiled by Its' manifesting conceptuals.
The spirit of life is the immortal.
Vibration and form are the conceptuals.

And by the conceptuals, the spirit, unseen, is veiled."

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Excerpts from 'Chandogya Upanishad' - from before or about 800 BCE.

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Ancient space and other ancient mysteries
Ancient space and other ancient mysteries